The day when Voldemort made the news

Greatest(?) news of the week: Donald Trump has been compared to Voldemort and Pantone revealed the colours for 2016 , yes you heard me! Colours, plural.  

voldemort trump pantone

What does all this mean? 

That Donald Trump attempt at politics is just as realistic and positive as You Know Who, if not less. In all seriousness though, I would think twice before comparing Mr. Trump to other villains, after all, one is a sinister weirdly coloured creature whose purpose was solely to surround himself with minions and instill hate and fear for the diverse, the other is a fictional character! 

See what I did there?

On a lighter tone, almost pastel I'd say, we have Pantone news! Not as socially pressing as politics, but if you are a fashionista you will have to find new statement pieces and accessories that match Pantone 2016 chosen colours. And don't try to sneak in any past years pieces because 'Serenity' is not the same 2000 'Cerulean' and it's way lighter than 2008 'Blue Iris'. 

Drop that dusty storage box at once.

For make-up artists things are a bit different, especially when it comes to blue tones. I'm expecting to see some pastel baby blue with a hint of lilac in many spring eye shadow palettes,  paired with baby pink lipsticks. Again, drop that 2006 'Sand Dollar' lip gloss and run to Sephora. There will be an increasing number of make up tutorials dedicated to blue eye shadow and how to rock it without looking like 80's Madonna. 

Not that I'd mind either way!

My only hope is for some brands to come up with baby blue lipsticks, that will eventually be forgotten in the bottom of a drawer just like that necklace. You know which one I'm talking about. 

The one thing I am sincerely waiting for since I was fifteen and I used purple eye shadow to contour my cheeks, is blue or lilac blush. Smurfette cheeks will rule the World.

There, I said it!

Some years ago I thought my dream was about to come true when I saw Lady Gaga sporting blue blush in the wedding scene of her video 'You and I'. Way to get my hopes up for nothing.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the teenage purple contour experiment ended on that very same day, when a classmate licked her thumb and started rubbing it onto my cheek saying some jet blue hair dye must have stained my skin.

Lady Gaga and her blue blush #blushenvy

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