Unexpected 'who wore it better'

I am proud of my unconventional clothing choices. I never found myself on the red carpet wearing the same dress as another girl. I never found myself on a red carpet full stop. But what would happen if I did meet a girl who was wearing my same dress? Well, today I got my answer.

same fashion shoes

Today I was waiting for my bus at the beginning of the line where it is easier to keep an eye both on the arrival clock device, and on the street, to see if my bus is actually arriving 'now' or not. More often 'not', of course, especially on windy days, when I'm having a hard time preventing my skirt from going all Marilyn on me. Usually, during this time, absolutely nothing relevant happens. Nothing that I would write a blog post about anyway. But today I was standing there, looking at people with backpacks, when I noticed the girl next to me was wearing my same shoes. Mind you, our shoes were not the latest fashion nor the easy choice! 

Do you remember the cut-out shoes popular a few years ago? Shout out to all Jeffrey Campbell replicas owners out there! Yes, we were wearing those, and out of all colour combinations we both opted for black leather and golden buckles. She stopped right next to me, apparently not noticing the similarity. How awkward to stand so close while ignoring each other out-of-fashion similar item. I had to say something! It would have been embarrassing if I didn't. 

Lolita fashion taught me that when two people are wearing the same piece of clothing there's only one way to face the other and it's by screaming: TWINNING!! 
By now I am aware that the 'real world' is more anti-social and less frilly, nonetheless I still think that girls should be allies, not enemies, hence my friendly approach to an otherwise 'Who wore it better' kind of situation. So I smiled and complimented her shoes, because, you know, I liked my shoes too. She thanked me and I doubt she noticed that I was pointing a finger to my feet too.

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