Collecting hair in the shower it's officially a thing

There are two kinds of people in the World: those who wash their hair while showering and are done in six minutes, and those who wash their hair trying not to clog the shower while doing so. Process that usually takes twenty minutes of constant untangling your fingers, collecting hair and sticking them to the wall. Or to the shower glass, it doesn't matter. Don't look so shocked because that's how it works

wash hair in shower

And just when you think you're almost done and you can finally use your body scrub without hair getting in the way, you look down and you see more hair clogging the drain. If you are not fast enough the whole conditioner-up-do you created will get wet and lose its purpose while you try to get all that dead hair in a ball to be stuck on the wall.

When I was living in Bologna I had four flatmates, all boys, and two bathrooms. It made perfect sense to all of us that I shared the bigger bathroom with the other long-haired guy. Of course we were supposed to clean our own bathroom while the other three cleaned theirs, and one thing that always surprised me was how the shower was never as dirty as I expected. Turns out, I was not the only weirdo who religiously collected hair while showering and sticking them to the wall!

It's funny how men could land on the Moon but nobody ever decided to find a solution for this shower situation. People with long hair go through this dead-hair contemporary wall art every time shampoo is involved and we are usually not scared of it, we don't even call it hair loss, it's barely shedding: we won't buy hair loss remedy shampoos for this. What we would buy is a device that makes the collecting less gross and messy. L'OrĂ©al, or Pantene, give it a thought, would you, please?

long haired girl

Image: viavia

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