Belle and the City

Last week I finally took active part in a zombie shuffle! The timing, I have to admit, was a bit strange, since my heart was still in Wonder-Disney-Land, but my mind and crafty side were totally in undead mode! The result was a Princess Belle not-so-brutally killed by the beast. The other option was Belle turned into an object (specifically a broken and dusty doll) because Adam (aka The Beast) never found love. 

Come on, Beastie Boy, if Rihanna found love in a hopeless place, you could have too!

Without further ado, here are some shots from the daily life of a Princess in the City.

disney princess belle

Baby Daenerys: "Are you the real Belle?"
Belle: "But of course I am!"
Baby D.: "And are you a zombie?" 
B: "Yes, unfortunately..."
Baby D.: "So are you going to eat me?" 
B. (suddenly screaming): "YEEEAAASSSSS!!"

(Picture freely inspired by the Fallen Princess series)

Who needs a carriage when you can ride in a car full of friendly faces!

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