To buy or not to buy

As a kid, I remember watching cartoons and sometimes seeing the typical Angel vs Demon personification of the character, sitting on his shoulders and debating life choices and moral attitude. I never thought much of it, more often than not I found myself acting a certain way without even realising it. Some may call me evil, some good, but I like to define myself as chaotic neutral. 

Growing up, the same 'good' against 'evil' dilemma presented itself in another form: to buy or not to buy. That is the question. 

When I see a dress or lipstick, or bag, or pair of shoes, that I really like, I picture  Marie Antoinette on my right shoulder, telling me how decadent and luxurious it would be to have that item in my possess. On my left shoulder, instead, is Mary Poppins with her bag full of things, saying that I don't really need it since I already have one, and proceeds to extract several similar objects from said bag. 

Being chaotic neutral means that, in this type of situation, I don't feel any moral obligation to listen to Mary Poppins rather than Marie Antoinette. Unfortunately, there is a huge fail in my system: if I'm with someone I double think my choice of buying something that is not currently on my 'to buy' list. Whereas if I'm waiting, let's say  for my bus/train, or for my beheading, I buy the dress without even realising it. 

I guess Mary Poppins can use that against me next time. 

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