A question you should never ask in the morning

There is a very vulnerable part of me that comes out in the morning, preferably before 9. When this event occurs, which is virtually every day, I tend not to talk to anyone, I barely smile, slightly drool and I only want brains. If I accidentally encounter other people I would rather be ignored but, unfortunately, down here people don't understand, or know, the concept of 'quick morning greeting', or even better: 'acknowledging each other'. 

The first kind of greeting is only applied to family members and interesting friends. The simple acknowledgment works for bus driver, newsagent, barista, co-workers you don't know the name of, and pretty much everyone else. It just takes a quick nod or a half smile, it's practically perfect for morning zombies like myself. If you can think of any other kind of greeting you are probably Australian, and your automatic guess would be: 'Hi *insert name*, how are you?' or the more casual version 'How are you doing'. And I'm not talking Joey Tribbiani style.

I turned out to be slightly against this Aussie phrasal construction not only for zombie-related reasons, in fact, I highly doubt my manager or the coeliac co-worker to be genuinely interested in how I am feeling. Also my day started exactly *checks imaginary watch* two hours earlier. It is definitely too soon to wonder if I should be self-aware of my mood and have a general understanding of my day and life progress at 8 am. As I said, all I can think of is 'brainsss', and don't be fooled by my flawless complexion, the tint comes from MAC. Who am I kidding, I'm using Maybelline and I'm rather happy with it. This is literally all I could talk about: my outfit, hair, and makeup. In the morning I am how you see me.

I know the risk of passing for anti-social is high. I am an outgoing person and when I have something to tell, rest assured, I will be telling it. Maybe that's why I expect others to let me know if there is something going on in their life without me asking every single day. I do care, even if I don't ask. My friends know it by now, and for everyone else: wouldn't it be better to save the chit-chats for people you care about? Or for better times? Surely I'm not going to tell you that I woke up with 4th-day-hair and that is why I'm rocking a high ponytail that affected my whole outfit and I didn't consider the weather and that I am accidentally wearing mismatched socks, while running with folders in my hands trying to reach the right shelf. 

Funny story? The other morning, by mistake, I greeted a girl from my department saying "Hey how are you?" and she replied "Thanks!" and disappeared in the elevator. Maybe we all are a bit zombie in the morning.

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