Sometimes it's faster going to Sweden

Sometimes I miss my friends back at home and I can't help but replying "I'll come with you!" when they ask who would be willing to go shopping with them. Today the offer was to go to H&M in another city since there's none in my hometown, again: mountain problems

H&M shopping

Such task has to be done in a group because the designated driver, aka the boyfriend, wouldn't be much helpful in a shopping situation and my friend needed support and advice. I'm always down for that, I enjoy choosing things even when they are not for me or when I'm not actually buying anything. Raise your hand if you, like me, spend hours browsing a shopping website, see the total in your cart, and close the page. Thank you, I'm not alone!

After I let my friend know I'd be available and interested in the winter coat mission I got a private message from her saying that if she took the 5am flight from Milan she could be in Melbourne by Friday morning. First of all I was deeply impressed with how quickly she did her flight research! I couldn't have worked it out in a day, never mind in five minutes on a smartphone. The boyfriend then pointed out how it would be much faster and easier for her to go to Sweden, homeland of H&M, for her shopping trip. I stood there a bit, still thinking about time zones and flight routes, when it hit me: it is faster to go to Sweden, isn't it?!

The thing with Europe is that it's always there, always have been, and potentially will be for a long long time. There's no need to rush and visit Krakow, Pau, Marseille, and Stockholm. This, at least, is what most European think. After all, you still drive through several different nations when you go from Italy to Sweden. That means a lot of different languages, street laws, nations. My friend and I agreed that driving several hours just to get to H&M doesn't seem so appealing, even if it's easier than reaching Australia. And that she will remember my offer next time.

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