Making new friends, is it really that easy?

When it comes to friendships I can say I'm one of the lucky ones who still calls high-school friends her 'closest friends'. 

making new friends

Of course we all had our highs and lows, our fights and time apart, love dramas and secrets. But we do share the same sense of humour, or at least that's what I think, considering we have completely different hobbies, goals, and taste in music. We can easily predict someone's reply or actions to any determined input and it's no big deal anymore. Can you picture your closest friends by reading these lines? Good! Because here comes the challenging part: making new friends.

There is no background history with new friendships, no inside jokes, no way of knowing if someone is being sarcastic, if they are making fun of you, or if they're serious. And it goes both ways, which means everything you say can be misinterpreted too. For example: on Friday I've been asked if I had any plans for the weekend, I replied in all honesty, and visibly excited, that I was invited to a Harry Potter marathon *click here for what NOT to say to coworkers*. I should have guessed by her brown handbag that she wasn't the 'nerdy' kind of girl, so, trying to make things better I added: "A drinking marathon! We already created some rules to turn Harry Potter into a drinking game."

I'm pretty sure that girl's shoes have seen more alcohol than me on that Friday night. Until this very day I thought the average-person judging process would go somewhat like this: -2 points for the movie choice, -3 for the Friday plan, and +10 for the alcohol. What was I thinking?! In which universe are nerdy things more accepted where there is alcohol? Surprisingly we live in a society where such entertainment is frowned upon. And no drinking game can save it. 

And the moral is: it doesn't matter what you do or say, some people will welcome you, even when you are wearing a zebra onesie, embracing your games and sharing alcoholic ideal nights. While others will answer with a "Sounds...err... awesome? Havefunbye."

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