The necklace paradox

The other morning I was going to the city with my boyfriend, although I'd like to say I went there for a massive shopping trip, I was actually there for a job interview. He has a passion for cars and when we are sitting together on a bus, or when he's driving, he wouldn't miss pointing out the newest or most expensive car around us. 


So I was sitting by the window looking at that car, which apparently is full electronic, real carbon fiber cup holders, airbags bigger than Nicki Minaj's rear and it makes you coffee in the morning. No it doesn't. I was staring at it and I stopped listening because in that moment, stuck in traffic, under a grey sky and drizzled by rain, the car didn't look half as fancy as it did in the showroom. How does something go from looking super luxurious and sparkly to dull? I found myself contemplating the whole situation and finding it unexpectedly quite familiar. It is only now that I have discovered the answer: necklaces

The ancient tradition of embellishing a girl's neck with metal and stones lived through the centuries and it got fancier and fancier until this very day. I could have saved a huge amount of money if that was the whole deal. But it is obviously not. Here is where the necklace paradox lays. If it's true that jewelry evolves through time, it's not always so that requires a constant turnover in our outfits. I should have learned it by now that not all that shines is beautiful, and still I am drown to the sparkles like a bee is to flowers. Or to your picnic food

It looks so pretty, so new, so versatile, so classy and so in-style at the same time. You can imagine yourself wearing that necklace with so many outfits and from now on it will be your statement piece. It's decided! You don't even need a shopping bag, your handbag will do because you will wear it tonight and all of your friends will notice something different in you. Is it the hair? Is it a new foundation? Perhaps a new boy?

And you precisely forget it in your handbag for the next week. Until you find your oh-so-perfect necklace again and you go "And this? Ooohhh the necklace I liked from that shop!" That's right, likED... "I'll put it with the others so I won't forget again". So you place it together with your other necklaces, accumulated in the past months and years, and all of them were perfect at some point. A point that usually starts and ends within the shop perimeter. When you finally bring yourself to wear it for a special night out it doesn't look so great anymore. The magic fades as your hair gets stuck in the back clasp, the length is not what you expected, and the paradox becomes clear. 

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