My strange addiction to junk food

You don't have to get two just because it says it's 2 for $3.

This is what my boyfriend told me as I reached for a honey-flavoured snack bar. The first snack was for him, I wasn't being greedy but the man standing next to us let out a big laugh and nodded at us. Way to make me feel guilty!

foreign junk food

Let's take a step back. As you know I'm Italian. Not a second generation Italian born and raised in Melbourne. Not an Italian who has been living all over the World since I was 18 and making it on my own. I'm a "How don't you know what candy corn tastes like?", or a "You never had a creamy ice-cream soda before?" kind of Italian girl. This is why whenever we are at the supermarket I stare with dreamy eyes at the snacks aisle full of things I've never even heard before. 

During my 300 days in England I never tried any of the sweet and melty goodness that is their chocolate. But here? Here I feel like I'm a rare species raised in captivity, with an unhealthy-snack deprived childhood. And don't get me started on the soft drinks and soda flavours! 

I can state that I'd pick honey over any Jello, and oatmeal over Frosties any day but still, even now that I'm in my almost-mid 20s, I am extremely pleased when I have the chance to try new snacks. If I had to put it in words it I'd say the first bite of something new has a very similar feeling to unwrapping a present when you know what's inside. 

Because, let's be honest, by now I know chocolate looks like chocolate, caramel feels like caramel, and snacks taste like sugar, no matter where you're from. 

I'm aware my curiosity for candy (or how they call it down under: lollies) might seem childish and not-so-diet-friendly, but a bite of sweetness is rarely the problem. More often than not it turns out to be a fun bonding moment with newly met people and their own childhood memories. I still remember when I had my first box of strawberry Pocky and the power of its status in the lolita world was better than its taste. Or when my Canadian friend showed up with Pop Tarts purely for my taste-ntertainment because, as she said, they are more like pop-farts.

Thankfully, they say taste evolves with time, and we start to appreciate things like cheese and wine, but who decided I can't enjoy my reduced price honey-flavoured snack bar at the same time?

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