Melbourne: secret places

One of the most fascinating things about Melbourne has to be the large amount of what I'd like to call: secret restaurants. When we are out and about in the city it's cool to pop into one of the many ethnic restaurants on the main streets, but it's even better to wonder off the empty alleys just around the corner and discover new places! This seems to be something quite common in big cities, which makes sense considering the endless possibilities of warehouses and garages that could be turned into bars, and sometimes they are pop-up places destined to stay open less than a year. Needless to say that not even Melburnians know Melbourne. 

One time, the boyfriend followed his GPS to this place: Krimper. Basically you would never find it if you didn't know what you were looking for. It's like Hogwarts' room of requirement!

The inside is usually very basic, minimal decorations, mostly recycled furniture. Everything has to be functional and unique! You'd be susprised by the variety of people in there: families, friends, couples, business lunch, students with books...

Since Melbourne is one of the most hipster cities in the World, bet you didn't know!, these kind of places are proud of their fresh ingredients and very fond of their coffee! Here you can find carefully selected coffee blends, trust the baristas.

Unfortunately, in Italy we don't really have bagels, so what better occasion to try them out for a brunch at Manchester Press

Sweet or savory, coffee or soft drinks, breakfast or lunch, anyone could find the perfect combo. I couldn't resist my pink blueberry bagel and I sort of ate half before taking the picture. That's why I never post pictures of food! Now you know my secret.

What about after the sunset? You might ask. Well, my dears, fear not because Melbourne has secret bars and very well hidden cocktail bars too! Sister Bella entrance door looks like a place you would not want to be led in, am I right?

Instead check out the inside! Everything is recycled and re-purposed. Did you see the half skateboards hanging from the ceiling? The wall art is amazing as usual and that iron gate gives it that extra touch of 'darkness' that I personally like.

Last week we've been on a cocktail bar mission and we tried two different places: Eau de Vie, and 1806. If you're like me and have never been to any cocktail bar, never mind knowing they existed, they could be described with two words: dark and bottles. The dim lights barely light up the not many tables around the bar, where the focus are the bottles on display. The menu is organised in chronological order and gives you a very detailed list of ingredients and spirits. Of course the bartenders live up to the bar's reputation.

PS: The pictures in this post are mine and the names of all the places I've mentioned are clickable if you want to plan your trip Down Under!

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