Break time: tea and cakes

Every time I go to England I mentally prepare for a 5pm high tea with the Queen. Because that's gonna happen, right? And now that I'm on the other side of the World, but still in the Commonwealth, I feel like I'm still allowed to think of afternoon teas. So start stretching and tying your runners because the following post might be pretty high in sugar. 

Did I say runners? I meant, sit back and wear your comfortable furry thongs, or Uggs flip-flops. By the way, can anyone understand why? Because I've been thinking for weeks and I still don't get it.

A Snow White teapot instead, I totally understand it. Not only, I would buy one for several of my friends at home! I won't, but I could, and I bet they'd all love it. 

And I'd get these cups for my own tea time. A little bit small for a tea-addicted like myself, but if that's the price to pay to sip from fabulous cups, I'm willing to refill multiple times!

What else would this high tea offer to eat if not cupcakes? For my teapot friends I'd suggest the pop-corn ones, to remember our weekly movie nights. Don't hold me responsible if the polenta and orange combo isn't of your liking. I didn't bake these. 

On a side note, most of the food here comes with little tags stating whether the specific item is gluten free (note to self: GF does not mean it's for girlfriends!), or if it's vegan or nut free. Other times you just have glorious pieces of patisserie which look more like works of art than diet-enemies. I mean, check out these tiny macarons!

You can't put shiny ganache, chocolate hearts, raspberry and gold together. It's unfair! 

If you are feeling super-fancy and curious I'd suggest to try out the desserts created by Adriano Zumbo. Challenging "zumbarons" and very strange looking cakes, the key word is 'looking'!

I was feeling particularly vintage that day so I trusted the opinion of many and indulged in a Blue Heaven creamy ice-cream soda. Lucky for me it tasted just as Happy Days as it looks! If light blue was a flavour this would be it. Very vanilla-y with a hint of soda. Not sparkling but almost. It's something that I've never tried before and it's definitely a yes for me! 

If you missed the ideal part one of these Australian oddities, simply click here.

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