Can, you handle this

Hello everyone! As promised this week I'll take you around supermarkets to show you the strange/politically incorrect things I found. You will be surprised by how many things come in tins/cans here!

But first, let me take a mozzarella. 

That's right, when you ask for mozzarella cheese this is what you get. They do have some legit kinds just on a less visible shelf. 
What is very well displayed are these yoghurt-looking packs full of tomato sauce. Tbh the sauce that comes in those huge glass jars always sits in the fridge for too many days. Problem solved!

Did I say tomato sauce in a jar to add to your pasta? Pfffh how naive of me. Pasta comes in a can with its condiment! Even the all time favourite "spaghetti and meatballs".

If you read my "Supermarkets in England" post, you know that the tuna issue is very dear to me. Well you will be pleased not to hear me complaining about that anymore, in fact check this out! 

I've never seen so much tuna. For only $1 per tin! But look closely...

Maybe not all that comes in a can is strange and scary. Maybe

My facebook friends might have seen my self-explanatory reaction video to Vegemite. In case you haven't let me try to describe my experience: it may seem like a healthy substitute for salted peanut butter, because it's not jam-y sweet at all. But you should never eat it with a spoon directly from the jar, and apparently it's better combined to honey or butter on a slice of bread. 

The taste: imagine mixing together broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and other green sour vegetables. I have seen people liking it, and it might even have a use in cooking. But for now, for me, it's a no-no. 

When in Rome, eat PIZZA! in Australia. Flavours: sweet pineapple and salami cotto, or smokey BBQ sauce and diced bacon loaf. Hungry yet?

To end this on a sweet note, have some Camel Balls! Liquid filled and extra sour, of course. How else?

Seriously though, candy floss in a bucket. Anytime you want it, not just when the Fun Fair comes to your town once a year. A dream come true.

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