Melbourne: a lot of sky

For this post I wanted to take you out of the Supermarket (click here if you want to check that out later) and into the city. This one is a real city. With skyscrapers and yellow taxis, with unexpected places worth stopping for a picture. But most importantly with something I would like to call "a lot of sky" as the lack of mountains surrounding me never ceases to amaze me.

Our very touristy day begun right in front of the library. Greek columns and interactive modern art inspired games (and free wifi) ? Say YES to knowledge.

This kind of pictures seems to be a constant in my travel-related posts. This reminded me of Berlin.

For one very European view there's one from the States just around the corner.

 Not to forget about China Town! 

This is a very typical table setting in many of the narrow streets full of more or less authentic/ethnic restaurants. Pretty fun huh? Luckily winter isn't that cold here so it's possible to eat out even at night. 

Isn't this the best concept ever? I'd love to have a place like this back at home. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have random people from any background read your favourite books and add notes and thoughts. A sort of real-life forum!

As it got darker I noticed the lack of pidgeons. If you have ever been to Italy you would know all the main squares and parks have a plethora of those birds. But not here, where you can find seagulls chilling around.

...And a giraffe's head hung on a wall in a very fancy looking restaurant... Because why  not.

This concludes our day out in the city, I'll update you soon with the oddities I found in shops because, let's be honest, that's half the fun when you go sightseeing. Strange things, and a lot of sky!

PS: the city is Melbourne, the one in Australia.

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