Keep calm and pack

Every time I turn the radio on I hear songs about travels. No wonder, you'd say, it's summertime! Holidays for nearly everyone! Of course people are travelling. Well, those songs make me understand all the reasons behind a journey: be it a long one or just a day, leaving everything behind for a fresh start, dreaming of something exotic and life-changing. Or the exact opposite: going back where you used to spend time as a kid, seeing old friends, or travelling to a new place where you don't know anyone yet. I know the basis, but I don't know the practical side of it! How do you pack?

I've always had a serious problem with packing, I'd spend weeks procrastinating and days stressing out and wondering what to take with me, just to panic when my suitcase turns out to be too heavy. I get the same feeling of when you have to go to the dentist, or when you watch someone with a simple cough gets visited by Dr. House. Got the creepy idea?

What I utterly dislike is the "picking" phase. Once you have all your clothes lined up it's like playing Tetris trying to fit them into your suitcase but, exactly, how do you select those items? I've heard it all by now, these are the most common strategies up till now:

  • Select a key number of items per kind

  • Always remove something before closing your suitcase

  • Bring what you are comfortable wearing, don't bring new things

  • Don't take much with you because fashion there will be different

  • Don't pack things that you can find where you are going 

As I'm typing this I'm looking at my open suitcase on the floor. It's strangely not empty therefore I know it's too heavy and I'm procrastinating trying to figure out what I can leave behind. Not that I want to.

How do you pick your clothes getting ready to pack? Share your tips and mantra with me because I will need it haha!

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