Winter is never coming to Australia

It shouldn't be a spoiler anymore if I say that "Winter is coming"... This time I'm not talking about the Wall and its Walkers *if you haven't seen Game of Thrones, you should!* being July the coldest month of the year it is just obvious that in some ares you can find some very confusing Christmas Wonderland type of festivals.

I found myself looking at the street lights and wondering when will they put up the festive lights, in June. Or planning the next Christmas cake while craving hot chocolate, in June. When I see the sun outside I feel like wearing a t-shirt and then I realise that maybe I should cover up. In June.
Talking about clothes!
Girls here dress up for Winter in a rather peculiar way: granny shawls *literally called 'blankets' *, either boots or sandals, either shorts or leggings. Doesn't make sense? Let me show you an example that I found perfectly clear:

In general, Aussie girls are very similar to British ones, same colours and features, but very different attire. These ones look like they're half ready to go out but didn't care about the finishing touches. Hair done but no lipstick, or full makeup but just a pony-tail. Just like their clothes: half winter, half summer!

It's not that cold, as many of you know, but it's cold enough to wear an extra layer of clothes, especially at night. Especially in June.

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