Another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own

Women are undeniably beautiful. Nobody can argue with this. 

We come in so many different sizes, colours, and shapes, and express our beauty in multiple ways according to our style and taste. This to say that no two women are ever beautiful in the same way. (This came up in a post related to yoga pants. Who said talking about clothes is shallow?)

As Sprinkleofglitter once said: 
Everybody compares themselves to others, it's very hard not to, but when it becomes a habit we should remind ourselves that we are, in fact, different. Rather than looking at someone on Instagram and think "I wish I could be that fit, with such blue eyes, much beachy waves, very big lips" I say: Yes, they are all of those things, but I am a whole set of other things! I'm Mediterranean, not afraid of rocking a high ponytail, and I barely have to fill-in my eyebrows haha.
The point being: it's perfectly OK to be your own set of things. Value what you are, don't wish you could be what somebody else is.

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