I'm just sitting here

You may have noticed I've been away for a while... *awkward silence* 
Maybe you did not notice but it felt to me like ages. A whole decade, to be precise: the 90s. 
One sunny day my laptop decided to die exhaling its last fan breaths, the battery couldn't make it and shut down in my lap. That was real drama right there. But the "fun" part happened right after: being laptop-less.

Everyone is capable of leaving laptop/computer behind when travelling, maybe for a weekend with boyfriend or friends. I often preach to lift your eyes from the screens because you are missing out on life. It's such a luxury in today's world to be able to set technology aside but when someone says: "I don't have facebook" or "I am still using a nokia-brick" you can see the change in people's faces. What!? How do you take pictures of your food? How do you find the way home? How do you keep in touch with all the high school classmates you hate?

After the initial shock, I decided to embrace the 90s fully, well, sort of. Social life, rainbows, and CDs. The answer to most of the question people asked me was "I'm just sitting here". This, believe me or not, removed a ton of stress from my life! It also removed part of the good stuff such as the high intensity Supernatural marathon I was doing. Or the Youtube session without arms going numb from holding my phone up and on. Or the online full capacity shopping. Or the blog hopping without losing eyesight on a page...

What I've learned from this experience? That a smartphone is a lot more useful than a laptop without connection. Internet wins.

PS: I'm still sitting here laptop-less until my laptop is fixed. Every comment showing sympathy for this condition is welcome. 

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