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I'll come clear with you, I'm Italian but I have absolutely no interest in soccer or whatsoever. I don't even drink coffee, just to give you an idea of what an odd spokeperson I am for this nation. Don't worry I'm not talking about soccer/football here, in fact, I'd rather talk about the exact opposite, or is it?

I came across an article on BBC's website in which our second most beloved Slytherin claimed that even his own friends, very much into wearing their team's jersey and shouting in front of a match on tv, tend to look down on other kind of so called 'superfan': the cosplay/comicon ones.
For the record, I'm of course talking about Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy.

The question is: why is being a Star Wars, My Little Pony or, why not, a Harry Potter fan, seen as something obscure, almost related to a perversion rather than a genuine passion?

Maybe I don't understand the kind of bonding that goes on between soccer fans, but I know something about the friendship that can start between people with a common interest for fashion. It's a passion we're talking about and it gives people something to talk about, to look forward to, and to share with others.
What's not to like about surrounding yourself with like-minded people and have a great time, be it at a sport match, at a lolita meeting, or comic convention. 
Or both!!

We met that Star Wars cosplay group randomly in Bologna and it was so fun! Please note that we're not looking in the same direction because of the crowd taking pics in front of us. Seeing such group doesn't happen everyday, does it? haha

PS: Am I the only one who gets super embarrassed when clone troopers are around? Not knowing what face is underneath the helmet drives me crazy and I don't know where to look, if they can even hear me properly...

PPS: Am I the only one who begun a post about soccer fans and ended up talking about clone troopers??

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