Thoughts you have when you realise your clothes don't fit

It is finally starting to feel like springtime and my go-to outfits during this season go from "Look at me! I'm a pastel fairy" to "I do have a social life! On Tumblr mostly". 

The other day I felt like wearing something less cutesy and I opted for my beloved Brandy Melville high-waist short shorts with tights and boots. Nothing unusual but just by looking in the mirror I could tell something was different. At that point my stream of thoughts went a bit like this:
  • did they shrink because of a wrong washing machine cycle?
  • what did I eat yesterday... have I got taller overnight?
  • no seriously, have they always looked like this on me?
In case you were not aware of how women sizing works let me refresh your memory: you are a size 8, but size 6 fits your lower half better, on odd days, with a full moon. Whereas size 10 is perfect when it comes to jeans, of a certain brand, when worn before 5pm only from March to August.

So it's useless to discuss the apparent size change of my shorts, because good luck with that. Call the X Files already.

Maybe when you* are trying to be a serious person, in the real world, trying to find your path and not your school locker, you should also look the part.

* "you" meaning me, with no chance to hide behind a pile of books *

Maybe short shorts, converse, and a band t-shirt isn't the right look for me anymore? Too casual? Too similar to Californian crop-top outfits on Instagram? Kylie Jenner, you know what I'm talking about. I never thought people should dress according to their age, nor I even consider myself in the career lane which requires professional looking outfits. I'm not even in the car yet! Is this something I should start worrying about, or considering?

Am I surrending to society? Did I watch one too many episode of Snog Marry Avoid?

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