Unpopular opinion: Prince Florian is the best Prince

Talking about fairy tales, I strongly believe Prince Florian *fyi he's Snow White's prince* to be the best Disney Prince ever. Let me explain the reasons behind this unpopular choice:

First of all, he is literally the first of all princes. 

He appears in the most perfect moment of the song. He is there to fulfill Snow White's wish for the one she loves to be there on that very day. In fact he is there to sing "today" and sounds like he means it.

The boy can climb a wall smiling and being fabulous. I double dare you to do the same and not interrupt your princess' song panting and stumbling down.

He also greets Snow White with a fairly British "hello" and accepts a kiss delivered by a dove *I have mixed feelings about this*. Not at all like that Phillip prince who ruins the dressup masterplan of birds and squirrels for a dance.

That lipstick. Them lashes
*Hello MAC? Yeah about the next limited edition collection...*

In the end he arrives to kiss Snow White and brings her back to life. I know, he doesn't have to  kill a dragon to do so but he never stopped looking for 'the maiden who sleeps in the glass coffin while the seasons are changing'. And he didn't have a shoe to help him find her.

He is basically motivated by true love all this time. Of course I'm talking about that fairy tale "Love" that begins with a song and ends with a kiss while riding to a castle in the clouds.

On a serious note, did the mirror just change the "top fairiest of them all" after Snow White was seen and loved for how she was? The prince saw her beauty when even Snow White herself didn't see it. She felt happy and maybe that was the feeling that triggered the sudden change, considering she didn't physically change around that well nor wished for it.

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