Victoria's Secret revealed

On today's news: Victoria's Secret is finally coming to Italy! It seems that they will be opening stores this year but it's not specified where yet. Overlooking the fact that there already is one store in an airport here, I couldn't help but letting out a "Woah!" not only because I am so afraid to run out of the "Love Spell" body cream I bought in London, but also because it was about time for us to join the rest of the first World.

Now can you imagine my reaction, when in the comments to the article someone claimed that with this globalization business it's not fun anymore because you will be able to find everything everywhere. 

"It's not fun anymore"?? That is precisely my definition of fun! I'm tired of planning my holiday according to the brands I can find in certain Countries. That's why I renamed Italy: "we don't have it-aly".

On Lolita forums *quick reminder: I'm referring to the japanese fashion* we often talk about how clothes are a lot easier to find now compared to 10 years ago. Some of us have experienced it all, and of course being able to buy your dream-dress online directly from the shop is a lot easier than waiting for someone who bought it in Japan to sell it as second hand item on a western forum some time later. 

But at what price! Some girls pre-order a dress and sell it for double the price on the most popular websites. Some even say that the quality isn't as good as it was back in the day. Also the list of dream-dresses is virtually endless because you rarely have to patiently wait for years before finding it on sale somewhere.

It's strange how the same topic recently came up in two very different context and the expected answer didn't turn out to be so obvious.

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