The fault is not in our body shape

Girls have boyfriends to tell us white lies like how that dress looks perfect on us even wearing the wrong undergarment to boost out our confidence (and exit the shop asap).
But we rely on our friends to be honest and tell us if that dress we are about to buy really does make us look like a sippy cup, or an overcooked broccoli, before we spend $$$ on it.


The 'fault' is not in our body shape but in clothes, some of which are meant to fit a certain body type more than another. Unfortunately, fashion trends don't really worry about that and this fact, in a strange way, makes it okay to wear whatever you want. 

Let's talk about crop tops. When they are on trend every one is entitled to rock one, forgetting about sizes and shapes. Which is great! And knowing that you don't have to wear a crop top is even better. Everyone is happy!

On a side note. Guess who is the worst critic of girls? If you said 'other girls', you are correct. So, girls, instead of thinking that your friend looks like a pizza with those leggings on, why don't you go shopping with her and play around with other styles? Unless, of course, she likes those leggings and especially her booty in them. In that case learn from her and relax a little bit, clothes are fun and allow you to look different everyday. 

We can all improve each other a little bit! 

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