David Bowie

When it comes to movies there are hundreds of actors and directors out there and even though I believe Leo DiCaprio to be slightly more popular than Ewen Bremner, it is still possible to create top 10s and discuss whether the real milestone in the last decade-ish would be Avatar or The lord of the rings.

But when it comes to music for me there is actually only one person, and it's David Bowie. Of course I'm aware he is not literally the only-only one, but he is the J. K. Rowling of glam rock, the Big Mac, the Nintendo. 

The only good excuse for not knowing him is that you are just not into glam rock. And that's ok! We have so many cups at this tea party called life that everybody can have theirs.

So when I was younger and I only listened to Marilyn Manson, my mom got me a Bowie cd probably because the shop owner suggested it, which was hands down one of the coolest presents ever. I immediately put it in my cd player and hung the poster on the wall. I started listening to it non-stop staring at the poster, and mentally connecting Bowie's face to his voice and lyrics. 

Soon enough I found myself talking to the poster about my day and my passions because I knew they likely made more sense to it than to the mother of a teenage girl. Whenever I tried to talk to her about Manson stuff or the movies I watched back then, I knew she did her best trying to look interested, but that was it. Maybe that's why she got me that cd, so I had something else to talk about.
Who can blame her? haha

Do you have a "the one" when it comes to music, books, art, or anything you are passionate about?

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