Cinderella's wicked stepmother

Yesterday I went to the cinema to watch Cinderella, not my favourite Disney cartoon, but I can never say no to fairy tale looking ball gown, even when it's on screen. 

One thing I personally wasn't expecting was the wicked stepmother's role given to Cate Blanchett *raise your hand if you don't watch trailers either* , whereas the fairy godmother would be Helena Bonham Carter. This just didn't sound right in my head: Galadriel vs Bellatrix, pure white elf vs black evil witch... Two great acressses nonetheless, and it turned out to be a pretty accurate choice! 

Once again Disney proved that it's worth it to focus on the villains, they're more fun to play with and to dress up! No pointy cheekbones in this case, but a whole lot of 40s inspired outfits. Both Cate's hair and makeup are very representative of the era: curled and pinned-up updo, red lipstick and cat-eye lashes. Definitely more interesting than a little bit of dirt on Cinderella's face. 

Another thing that I liked about Lady Tremaine's character was the palette of colours used. It's no secret I'm not a fan of blue. Sorry Ella. And the cool greens and muted gold used for her outfits, paired with sharp shoulders and spot-on accessories did the trick for me. Sandy Powell, the costume designer, said she didn't intellectualize the symbolic nature of colours, instead she used them because they felt right.

Intuition and instinct to pick colours? I'm totally in!!

We have to admit that green as envy could be a good reading of it in this case, right? The interesting thing is that it's not a youthful spring green, nor a pastel green, this is a strong and mean green that would probably make me look like a zombie if I tried to wear it. But look at Cate, she's literally rocking it.

Not to mention the hats! A whole new level compared to Royal Wedding hats...

Review on the movie itself? Precisely as the original cartoon, but with a few slight changes. So if you liked that one and want to watch it "from a less young perspective" enjoying aspects of the story that are not singing mice and despicable cats, then it's the movie for you.

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