Opera glasses: why we absolutely need them

I have an extremely serious question for you today: what happened to those opera glasses that fancy ladies used "back in the day"? Where are they? Who said I can't wear them for my daily life?

Yes I'm talking precisely about these very old fashioned thingies that can instantly bring your charisma 20 points up. Wouldn't you feel much more fashionable, respectable, and cool holding those and observing the scene from a distance? It could be any scene. Some examples?

My face when:

Scene 1- my sister, late for a date, shouting at our pet for sleeping on her fresh clothes when I'm trying to watch an episode of my tv show.

Of course Ru Paul made them work in an outfit, but let's be honest, him and Lady Gaga can get away with pretty much anything!

My face when:
Scene 2- walking out of MAC with the new collection in my shopping bag. They see me rollin...

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