My troubled journey to find the perfect high heels

I realised that most of the outfits I really like, or any perfect female figure I can picture in my head for all that matters, include high heels.

But I am also very aware of the absolute comfort of my beloved creepers, or Converse All Star.

• Scenario 1
I'm lucky enough to always go for a more 'rocker' look so I can pair boots easily with my dresses, but for a wedding? With a midi skirt? Sorry but no. I don't care if shiny boots are all the rave at the moment, I am trying not to look like Smurfette here.

• scenario 2
So I started my search for heels to wear at my friend's wedding. Being someone who does not wear heels I had some serious problems even standing up in the shop and walking to the mirror. Not to mention the snow issue, because, you know, it's winter here. Of course all the shoes I liked had a 5 inch heel minimum and of course there was no way I could wear them for a whole day... yet!

• Scenario 3
I ended up buying a pair of shoes with 3 or 4 inch heel that didn't look too granny-style and I managed to keep them on for about 10 hours. I felt so proud!

Didn't feel too proud three days later, when my feet finally stopped hurting. Three days!

This is so not cool. I'm looking at you, feet, we need to talk. I am young enough to wear heels with my outfits and I can't reach the point where I am not able to wear them even when I need to.

So here's the deal: once a week I'm going to wear heels for a couple of hours, be it for a dinner, shopping afternoon, even just staying at home, to slowly get used to it.

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