Instagram is for macarons

I don't hate Instagram but I feel like it became a way to find out who has the prettiest legs (that totally look like bratwurst from that angle), who eats the healthiest breakfasts with the most breathtaking view, and so on. Do you see the catch? We want to see those lives that look perfect as if our life wasn't worth any attention.

Basically Instagram has the same function of a reality editor, everything you take a picture of becomes beautiful, making your life seem so much better than what it actually is. Let's be honest, who has devoted her life to social networks probably hasn't had a hot coffee in a long time because she would be too busy taking pictures of it and hashtagging the world.

Found on Pinterest and regretting it (don't look up 'Instagram'!)

I'm sure your whole day does not consist of you sitting at a white table with a couple of macarons, Gucci bag and sunglasses on display... Unless that's actually it so let me ask you: what do you talk about on your blog? when you meet real people? 

We all have those days where we do absolutely nothing, not even put on a clean t-shirt, but we can take a picture of our cigarette and the magic would happen. As far as your followers know, there's a storm of deep thoughts inside our heads that hide behind that matte lipstick and stream of smoke. 

Our life on Instagram can look the coolest, but there is no filter that can help us fixing a reality that sucks.

PS: Of course I'm not saying that macarons suck, but they are definitely tastier in person than in photo.

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