My make-up mistakes: I hate blending

It's no secret I have my favourite beauty gurus that I religiously follow on youtube and I often find myself thinking about their words while putting make-up on, having a sort of 'get ready with us' moment in front of the mirror. So when I apply the darker shade in the crease I can almost hear them say "That's a nice colour you picked! Don't forget to blend-blend-blend".

The "that's a nice colour" is pure conversation. I am pretty sure they never said something like that in any video or blog post, I made it up. But everything else comes more of less from them, well, those actually seem to be their favourite words: blend blend blend. In a way I suspect I watched too many of their videos, I wish I hadn't so I could just forget about the blending part.

Blending is my least favourite skill when it comes to  eye shadow. I am still learning and I can't bring myself to blend for more than a few seconds. Couldn't they have said something like "Now blend just a little bit"? I knoooow that skipping the blending part all together wouldn't be fair to them nor pretty to look at but, hey, that's what happens to me. Am I the only one?


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