What I've learned from Prague

The first time I went to Prague was during high school on a school trip and I agreed that Prague is indeed a motionless city where signs of the Cold War are nowhere to be found: a shameless suppression. A city that seems small, mysterious and decadent despite the effort to show its artistic value and economical expansion. 

But now, almost ten years later it looked more scarred by westernization than anything else. Distant from any Marxist naivety. Very easy to spot Starbucks but harder and harder to find Tatranky, if you don't know what I'm talking about I just proved my point.

  • Things are cheap but beware the waiters will be keeping the tip. Don't worry about that if the scenery makes up for it.
  • There might be the chance you are surrounded by Italians...
  • Trdelnik... I still cannot pronounce it but they're yummy!

  • The "biggest" disco and shopping centre in "Europe".

  • Let's start with basic words: pivo = beer.

  • Ending words with dead Russian politicians' names doesn't make it grammatically correct in Czech *cough cough*
  • Oh look, an astronomical clock, that's cool but now move because you are blocking the entire square!

  • Apparently not all Tesco have Lambrini. Heartbroken.
  • Liberty Liberty Liberty, did I mention Liberty?

  • If you are lucky enough to have TGI or fusion restaurants or a Hard Rock CafĂ© in your hometown step out of your comfort food-zone and do try some typical Czech food because it is good!

Bonus pic: very serious blogger at work

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