Be the happiest star #9 Positive calendar!

I noticed I could go weeks without even realising the days passing by and then wondered "What happened to this month??", I'm sure it's not just me. I guess all of you are aware of the 100happydayschallenge thing that has invaded Facebook and Instagram, especially due to the brand new year. 

Very well, keeping track of the day number for the challenge is too much for me so I decided to do my own version of the challenge and stop worrying about the days altogether. And no better way to tell you about it than in my "Be the happiest star" series. 

Instead of rubbing my happiness on my Facebook friends' faces, or hoping to make them a bit jelly happy with me, I decided to start a work-in-progress collection of very fancy looking daily/weekly planners *cough cough Paperblanks*. Which alone makes me happy whenever I see them on my shelf or I reach for the current one. 

The idea is to use it as if it was a diary and, as you may know, I'm a sticky-notes fanatic so the telegraphic style is my way to remember things, this way it has to be meaningful purely to me. 

Me with my latest stationery purchase. Very serious.

Since I graduated I haven't really been stationery shopping and my writing tools are, let's say, not sufficient even though very amusing. That's another reason why I am not fond of the "Dear diary" brainchild.

Also writing down the highlights of your day or drawing them makes it easier than editing nowadays. along with never hear yourself say "Monday? What did I do on Monday?" anymore.
It is simply your positive calendar. No challenge needed.

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