From Santa's lil helpers' side

It seemed to me that this Christmas was all about presents and not about true feelings. Maybe being one of Santa's little helpers gave me a not-so-objective view but here's what I learned and want to share with you.

Don't enter a shop saying "I need to buy a present" like it's some sort of unusual thing during holiday season. Maybe say something about who you want to give the present to and your budget. Breaking news: it's Christmas and everyone buys presents, if it was for you you wouldn't be standing here with a blank face, trying to find your perfect gift with limited information.

If you don't want to spend more than € 10 for your bff, how about you take her out for a pizza and spend some quality time together? It's a much better idea than rushing in a shop on Christmas eve because you still don't have a present. Do you even think about her while shopping during the other months of the year?

Please don't complain that the shop is too crowded and people are queuing at the till, when you are blocking the line when it's your turn! I am sure you had time to find your wallet in your massive bag, figure out roughly how much you have to pay, if you have enough money or if you have to use your card, remember your code, come up with a new physics law and learn a foreign language.

Trust the shop assistants! If your great grandma is a posh lady with dozens of hats and corgis chances are she will like a flowery fragrance. Stop pointing at the ginger and Norwegian woods deodorant. But here you are, testing deodorants on every inch of your arms. Pardon? Oh, not what you are looking for? You don't say.

Oh, one more thing. Any kind of bowel tablets or digestion related herbal teas aren't considered present-able even with the prettiest wrapping. Why do you hate your friends so much? I'd get it if it was a funny joke but think twice please, a lot of other things are better jokes than that.

Sup dawg, I heard you like presents, but if something has a ribbon on it, it's already wrapped as a present. There is no need to make it more of a present. Especially if it's fifty grams of tea or a lip balm. And don't you dare pay with a €500 note. 

That's all for this year, I feel like I spread enough Christmas cheer in this post.

Oh, any reference to real people or situation is... totally true!

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