90s fashion is back, or is it?

Don't you hate it when you think you are perfectly in style and then fashion changes? You see a new trend, try it on you without being influenced by Tumblr, fall for it and then BOOM the '70s are back in style.

Wasn't the '90s coming back in style just a few months ago? Well forget it, because now it's gone. I'd like to point out that it didn't even go this fast in the '90s... those lasted at least ten years!

So if everything comes back in style eventually it makes you scared to throw anything out. You go through your closet thinking 'hmm one of these days these velvet fuseaux will be in style' so you keep them and call them leggings. And you keep the polka dot bright pink jumpsuit too, and the matching furry headband, just in case

So you end up either ready for whatever style comes into fashion or you will be a crazy hoarder... "It depends on how many cats you have" as Ellen said.

And then there's Carrie Bradshaw.

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