An easy tip to look your best

Cold weather calls for multiple layers, and that means covering up my body shape as much as I can. Usually I end up looking either boxy or unbalanced because of my reckless use of short shorts and XL hoodies. Logic.

Some time ago I was blog hopping looking for style ideas and tips because who doesn't need them, when I came across Maya's blog and this quote made me notice that it's not the layers making me derpy or blob-ish, it's how I feel wearing them (i.e. derpy and blob-ish).

Seriously, check out some outfits that involve the same item of clothing and the final result may even look appealing! I guess is the same for midi skirts, crop tops, round glasses, and so on.

I guess the trick really is to feel comfortable wearing what you prefer. If, by doing so, you end up finding your own signature style, all the better! I'm still far from it, but I don't mind experimenting with my clothes so that how I walk and stand would match my self-confidence on a day to day basis.

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