Be the happiest star #7 Unplug!

"At this time, we request that all mobile phones, radios and laptops be turned off during takeoff, as these items might interfere with the equipment on this aircraft."

As you guessed, the aircraft would be you, metaphorically speaking of course. If electronic devices can interfere with a plane, which is projected to carry people midair from A to B, could you imagine what they'd do on a daily basis to humans, projected only to eat, breathe, and procreate? Turning off all the extra things that connect/tie us to others should be done not only under airport security rules but simply for our own mind peace. 

Even lazily scrolling your Facebook wall sends thousands of information and input to your brain, which means it's not a lazy action at all! Why do you think taking a hot bath surrounded by candles is, followed by sleeping, the most relaxing situation? Probably because everything is unplugged and it is the only way to calm your mind, letting you focus on your breathing and heartbeat. 

As much as we all love social media and hate it at the same time, and complain about it on Facebook while following more people on Twitter, we should cut some time during our busy schedule to escape from it. 

That's one of the reasons why I personally like going to the gym: it's my body, my music and my weights. Nothing more and nothing less. The world will keep spinning while I do the same and I can easily catch up 2 hours later, usually finding out nobody messaged me while I was gone and, surprisingly, realising I didn't miss reading how cute my primary school acquaintance new puppy is. 

In case you really REALLY cannot stay without a virtual connection to society at your fingertips you should already know where the emergency exits are, and how and when to inflate your life jacket. Right?

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