May the fork be with you

On saturday I finally convinced myself to stop worrying about duties and to take a proper day off with a daily trip do Bologna together with some lovely girls. Autumn calls for seasonal lolita meet-up! *yay*

We went for a stroll in the traffic-free city centre, where we were stopped every minute by someone asking about the fashion, or taking picutres of us, until we were the ones asking for pics with the official Star Wars cosplay group!

I forgot how to loli, hence the lack of accessories. Don't write me a secret pls >.<

Lolita meetings usually include tea/dessert related activities. But not in Italy I'm afraid! Our visiting friend from the UK (she is a Winterfell fellow too!) learned it when she had to sit at the restaurant and eat for about 2 hours ;)

Appetiser: boards of italian cheeses (yes, plural) and ham, salami, bacon, and anything meaty that could be sliced.

Main course: we could help ourselves to three types of pasta, not photogenic, but absolutely tasty. Welcome to Italy.

Dessert: choice of chocolate cake, fruit with liquor, and other sweet things I didn't hear after the waiter mentioned "warm pear cake with cinnamon and custard"

Group picture!

I am aware that the background doesn't look the best, but that's how Bologna looks like when you walk away from the main streets into the real city. Nonetheless I'm glad we could take a picture all together, even with the loli mamas! 

As I mentioned in some previous posts, I used to be a full-time lolita, which means I wore frilly dresses and had nice hair and matching accessories everyday. I stopped since I left for my year abroad mostly because of space issues in my suitcase and because, believe it or not, people tend to make fun and avoid lolitas. I figured the language and cultural barrier would be hard enough for an Italian in a British college, let's not make things worse adding head-eating bows and cupcake skirts!

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