5 reasons why you need a nude beauty product

This wants to be an ironic post on why you (meaning myself) absolutely need a makeup product that is apparently nude. Comment if you can relate ;)

The said product for me is Mac paint pot in Soft Ochre, permanent collection, no need to rush to the closest store. You can walk normally.

  • The reviews
You know your beauty gurus, and they know their job. If they use a makeup product, you put it on your wishlist. If they say that product is phenomenal, you don't question it. You get it! 

  • The brand
Getting ready to go to the store, walking in, knowing exactly what you want. Talking to the shop assistant like you've known each other for ages and you share the same secrets. Walking out with the brand new packaging in the shiny shopping bag.

  • The swatches
It's sooo not the same colour of your skin. It's your skin but better. Nothing similar to that so-called dupe you bought, and has a different undertone compared to the other one you had for a while.

  • The haul
It's not consumerism. It's indulging in well-deserved pampering. Plus there's the "introducing the new arrival to the old products" process: organising your battlestation according to the season colours, placing the new item in the 'easy to reach' area, and getting rid of the empties. 

  • Spreading the word
Reviews, instagram attack, favourites of the month, and so on.
Or maybe not...

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