What I've learned from London

  • Mind the gap. Don't mind the Italians
As we all know by now, Italians are everywhere. You are walking down Carnaby Street and you notice the not-so-subtle tone and gesturing of a whole group of Italians. It doesn't have to be London, Berlin and Paris are not immune to this either!

  • When in doubt, use the GPS
I am an old school nerd so I went to London using my Moleskine-London edition. I used it also 4 years ago and I was sure enough street didn't move around ;) But apparently I tend to get lost around train stations! Thank you GPS.

  • If it's summer wear sunglasses, a sweater, and bring an umbrella as well
I was ready for summer but, boy, was I wrong... I haven't bought so many sweaters and cardigans since my Erasmus year at the Wall. Also beware the rainy trees!

  • High teas / Afternoon teas
If you check online you will also find some handy discount for afternoon teas in the area of your choice. We picked a fancy Hotel in the city and we couldn't even finish the whole three layered tray. Everything was so good!

  • Primark defeats the belief that men are stronger than women
I wish I took a picture of this scene: staircase (I wasn't aware of their existence in the store) full of boys sitting down with bags, looking at each other like 
" 'Sup brah" 
*wipes sweat from forehead*
"I feel ya" 

*both take phone out*

  • The Harry Potter (Warner Bros) Studios
The studios are only 20 minutes away! For all the Potterheads out there *shout out to all Ravenclaws!*, book your tickets now, or check it out here!

  • Pub crawl tours
Before this summer I didn't even know they existed. It's like a guided tour mixed with a pub crawl. You meet up at a pub and start bar hopping with other people in your same situation (tourists, people that just moved to the city, etc). Good thing is that the group skips lines and you get free drinks in every pub. Whey aye!!

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