What I've learned from Berlin

Remember my Survival of Erasmus tips? I figured it would be nice to tell you a couple of things I learned during my trip to Berlin, just in case you are planning to visit or are just curious to know down-to-earth information, far from the usual guide books!

  • If you see a poster of a guy on the streets, he is probably NOT Hitler
A girl from our tour turned around, looked at us and asked: "Is that Hitler?!" with the face of someone who finally understood the secret of life or something... True story brah!  Picture may be related.

  • Beware the deadly mosquitos
Nuff said. I've been scratching my arms for days even after I came back.

  • Them supercars
I have properly heard a V12 and seen my first Mustang. I'm still a n00b when it comes to cars but, hey, who can say no to any flashy coloured vehicle with 2 doors and a sloping back?! JK!!

  • They sell pieces of wall at souvenier shops
I don't know if I should cringe or praise the genius marketing mind behind it. In general I just facepalm at those people who bought a piece of wall, it's a very sad memorabilia if it is the actual wall, and a very sad waste of money if it's not the original. Either way, sad.

  • Currywurst and beer

Beer or the other variations with Fanta or Sprite, of course. Bottoms up! ...Wait. This might be on any Travel-book. Oh well.

  • You don't have to sound really angry while speaking German, but it helps
If you have seen The Great Dictator you probably know what I mean ;)

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