Be the happiest star #6 Declutter and be inspired!

If I had to do a tutorial on something I would not go for a makeup or even worse! a hairstyle tutorial, which not only I would have serious problems actualising but the biggest issue would be taking pictures while braiding my hair in the back trying not to look too herp derp. Cannot do three things at the same time, you know me!
Recently I have been working on my bedroom, so what better tutorial than on how to rearrange your space?

  • Declutter
First of all, getting rid of a bunch of stuff does not mean throwing away things that mean something to you, or happy memories; it just counts as getting organised, rearranging the space in order to feel it like new and more "yours". At the beginning it would feel empty and sad but, trust me, the fun part has just begun!

As for me, I carefully took down all my drawings from the wall and put them in a folder. I'm pretty sure one day I'll be glad I kept them :)

  • Pragmatism
We all go through phases, both emotional and "practical". Of course if you are studying you would need a functional desk for your homework and study. If you are lucky enough to have a social life that is not limited to Tumblr *cough cough* you might want to frame your favourite pictures and even dedicate an entire wall to them... 

  • Inspiration
It does not matter what your current situation is, you should have an inspirational scrapbook, or a Pinterest album, to know which direction to take when it comes to DIY interior design and all that jazz. That would also save you some money because nevermind how much you like that colonial bedside table, if you are re-decorating, you need to be consistent with your style of choice.

Oh, hello Chateau!

When my room was a white canvas I still had nothing planned. Because I didn't have Pinterest! Did I want something victorian or romantic? Something pop and creative? Maybe vintage ? In the end Paris was my inspiration: pastel colours, cute laces and ribbons here and there and, of course, the tower!

  • Moving on 
Also declutter is a great starting point to move forward with future projects. For me that was organising my makeup battlestation, painting my wardrobe, and getting rid of some old clothes with an useful tip... but I'll tell you more about it in another post!

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