London: some strange things

During my recent trips I came across some really unique items, not only in shops but also in markets, or simply on the streets. 

Walking around Carnaby Street in London I was totally drowned to this shop (shout out to all Irregular Choice lovers). No need to say I had to take some pictures for you, and a pair of sunglasses for myself ;)

"Look! A unicorn! It's picture time!"

And just to stay in topic with friendly creatures, I saw this book near Soho and woah, the illustrations are sooooo cool!! Check it out if you like steampunk, anything victorian, and surreal situations.

Soho Square is a pretty fun place to hang out... Even the street signs are having a blast! The first time I've seen similar ones was in Florence and I thought it was an unique thing... Am I being naive again?

Oh yeah, the white sky of England. I nearly forgot about that after one year back to Italy. But there's a remedy to improve the mood: "Fancy a glass on wine? Literally."

Camden Town, thanks for creating needs existing!

PS: we had to get a Joy Division t-shirt there because of reasons

I admit that I wanted to change my outfit after Camden before stepping into Harrods... That place is a lot fancier than what I could remember. Also it is very very easy to spot the buyers from the casual tourists. My whole outfit-change idea was sort of a fail anyway haha! 

I fell in love with these tea cups in a golden bird cage <3

We reached the end of this post, and I want to leave you with the picture of a giant blue cock rooster!

Please, no need to thank me <3

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