Berlin: a dualistic city

I came back from Berlin a while ago, but it took me some time to put my thoughts in words. I was well aware the war and the wall didn't do Berlin any good, and the population had only 20 years to rebuild and restart but the problem is they couldn't restart from scratch, obviously! 

Berlin's Victory watching over Paris (Square) until the end of time. Poor Paris.

They have History *with capital H* on their shoulders so they cannot forget nor forgive, but at the same time they have to move on and find their direction in the modern world while keeping in mind what they're sadly famous for, and not underestimating the amount of people who suffered and died in the past.

Do you see the catch? This is what Hegel would call 'Aufhebung', a word with contradictory meanings including "to lift up" and "to abolish" but also "to preserve". 

Anyway, watching the pictures I took walking around the city I noticed this dualism was well visible in the ancient buildings, cranes, skyscrapers... 

Do you see what I was talking about? Have you ever been to Berlin or another city where you noticed the same struggle?

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