Outside the closet

Do you guys know that feeling, when you know you have to do something, to take a step forward and change a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable... Well I finally did it! It has been a long process but now the most is done: I renewed my closet doors! 

Let me introduce you to the piece of furniture that not only saw me going through my phases, but that has been scarred involved in them.

Phases, as in: gothic - visual K - lolita. All nicely summed up in this picture

Underneath all the pictures there used to be colorful flowers and clouds and a sun. Because I also have been a child. It was just another phase.
*Beware the nakedness of my scarred wardrobe*

Right next to it, above the desk, used to be my "myspace" wall, that we would now call "selfie" wall... Do I need to say why? 

After various months of psychological preparation and a couple of hours of sponge jjob with a friend but without an actual idea of what I wanted to do, here's the final result! 

The mint colour matches my make-up station perfectly and the lilac is there because of reasons. 

PS: It's not a tentacle but it can be if you like.

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