Never have I ever

After my not so recent play experience I kept thinking about theatre and acting as something that I've never done, but I somehow wish I had done. 

During my high school years I crossed the "stage world" only by chance and always avoiding the stage. Everyone knows I love dressing up, my memory is quite bad so that may be an issue, and I stopped tripping over my own feet a while ago so I should not be afraid of falling on stage... Then why didn't I take any drama class with my friends?

The whole 'acting' business, especially the preparation, is said to be an awesome way to improve self confidence, attitude, posture, voice and so on... All skills that I totally lack while speaking in public.As much as I'd like to step out of my comfort zone and try something so intriguing, I cannot help wondering: would it change who I am? After all I am the herp-derpy girl who gets shy and comes out with horrible jokes when under pressure, not confident nor posed at all.

So where is the line between improving/growing and changing the traits of your own personality?

Maybe it's true that 'a goal is a dream with a deadline', because not having a deadline just makes it a random thing in the back of my mind; more than a goal it becomes a sparkly star in the distance that you just wave at. 

Enough with my blabbering, now I'd like to ask you the same question: What have you never done but would like to? Or maybe not.

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