Paris: about statues

Allright, I promise you this will be the last Paris themed post... I couldn't possibly leave out the statues from my trip review!! I mean, just look at these beauties, starting with the golden ones, for some sort of continuation from the previous Paris post.

And statues on the buildings

Don't forget the statues inside the Louvre...

 I bet you know this one ;)

Thank you random girl for reading into everyone's mind!

And NOT my favourite statue. The usual luck. 

 But here, you can look at the Venus de Milo instead. From afar.

Maleficent's crow (or is it a raven? perhaps a writing desk?) sitting on a statue. I found this picture-worthy. Don't judge me!

Also the statues are lazy at Versailles

Bonus picture! 
Italian girl me, eating an 'italian style' ice-cream in front of a statue. You didn't see that coming ;)

Well done, you made it through my 30mil pictures of Paris. I really loved that city, in case you didn't notice. My camera literally died in my hands on the last day!
PS: did I mention I'll visit Berlin this month? and London in August? Do you know what that means? *mwahahahahaha* evil laugh

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