Obsessive Compulsive Collections

This quote from the TV show 'Pushing Daisies' sums up what I think of 'wishlists' and 'collections' in general. Of course everyone is absolutely free to buy or keep anything their heart desires! I'm the first one drooling over walk-in closets full of designer shoes, or massive MAC swatches, seasonal clothing hauls, updated skincare regimes...

Do I need to go on?

Some 'experts' may argue that the mere act of giving in to a shopping spree is a sign of emotional emptiness that we try to fill with material items. Now, I am no expert but I wouldn't say absolutely all shopping is done to compensate a lack of love or satisfaction in other aspects of life. 

I swear that mermaid bag was really calling my name from the shelf!

Then we have what people call 'compulsive shopping', which is a whole different story. In that case there might be a few explicit signs that help us recognise this sort of behaviour:

  • Your whole house turned out to be a walk-in closet and you have to sleep in the bathtub, the only horizontal place not covered by flatlay props. May I suggest you to sleep together with the 'hand wash only' clothes to save time? You may wake up with wrinkly fingertips but perfectly clean delicate clothes. 
  • Your living room is so Pinterest-worthy that when you invite friends over they have to wear outfits that match your interior design concept. Needless to say that your party pictures are all taken before everyone arrives and touches/misplaces strictly decorative things such as glasses and food. Peasants!

  • There are more lipsticks and eyeshadows in your battlestation than days in a year, and still Urban Decay 'Naked 1' is your Holy Grail and one true love. By the way, nobody even saw you wearing that purple matte lipstick you bought last week because it's  "the colour of the season". Last season obviously. You absolutely need metallics now. 

Let's be honest: sometimes you happen to like a particular colour, an item of clothing, a decorative object, and if it's within your budget I'd say go for it. Unless you have other priorities, in that case pay the bills first. Then travel, buy a book, visit a museum, and if after all this you are still thinking about that item, go and get it! 

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