Be the happiest star #4 Fruit yourself!

You know it's almost summer when you feel like fruit is the best thing to eat and you never get tired of it!

With the huge variety of fruit that the warm season brings how can you not experiment in the kitchen? Maybe that exotic-looking fruit you saw at the grocery store will become your favourite but you simply don't know it yet.

When I buy new food I like to look up for some recipes online, because I'm pretty sure my creativity in the kitchen can only go that far, and I wouldn't miss out on awesome combos just because I didn't think of it! *It happened for hard boiled egg and wasabi*

I found what became my favourite summer meal on Sorted, of course at first I was a bit worried to make it horrible, but I didn't, and it is perfect for all sorts of changes and extra toppings *nom*. Here is what it looked like the first time i tried it.

Fruit is filling and contain lots of fiber and antioxidants, plus fruit is sweet and yummy. Ever felt bad after eating a whole bowl of cherries? I didn't think so.
Smoothies are my post-workout meal of choice, and sometimes I feel inspired and I like to make them rainbow. Good for my health, sight and mood!

And when I want to treat myself: layers of greek yoghurt, granola and fruit, with a swirl of honey on top.

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