Paris: about the Eiffel tower

As I mentioned in a previous post, I went to Paris for the first time in my life! 
It was the perfect occasion to go on a short vacation, see my Erasmus friends again, and visit a new place. There would be so much to talk about hence I'm going to make a few themed posts about Paris, starting with the thing I enjoyed the most: la Tour Eiffel!

Beware these are not random pictures. In fact the tower acted as a fil rouge that ran throughout my stay, and because I'm totally objective I'll keep the chronological order.

First glance from the Louvre, felt the need to point at it because of the distance.

Here it looked a lot closer *pinches pinches*

From inside the Louvre. More interesting than some paintings of dead animals.

Awesome view from Montparnasse!

Same spot of a scene at the beginning of 'Midnight in Paris' without knowing it!

Eventually walking toward the tower... which was not the shade of grey I expected.

Tower-upskirt picture!!
You wouldn't believe the 'voice' of this tower. It has its own sound because of the elevators, the people climbing, the restaurant upstairs... and it's all amazing.

Cheers to Durham! <3

I can touch you now!! *to read with Voldemort's voice*

The moon, a carousel, the sparkling tower, Sauron's eye flashing the night sky. Coult it be more perfect?

Goodbye tour Eiffel *sad music playing*

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