Paris: about the colour gold

Here I am with the second part of my Paris themed posts. As you may have guessed from the title, this time it's all about gold! And teal actually. And my matching nails.

This is officially my favourite place in Europe and yet-to-visit countries until otherwise proven. La Place de la Concorde. Of course it was named after they removed the guillotine from it. The colour pattern is gold and green, pure Loki style.

Well technically this is golden too...

That awesome moment when you go to Ladurée and look at the ceiling 

...and what is on the table looks just as nice!

This bus stop read my mind!

Château de Versailles

The huge golden key of the golden gate

Oh nothing much, just one of the golden doors.

 After this fireplace even the World's most expensive homes look kinda cheap.

Did I mention the fancy velvet walls?? 

I can't even

Screw LED technology, I want a chandelier!

Those paintings are bigger than the screen at the movie theatre in my town.

 Look, my preciousss is golden too!

And the moral is: I would have definitely said to give them cake too. Peasants.

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