Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair

When it comes to hair the first thing I can think of is the typical Tumblr messy hairbun, which I personally can't stand because of clashing concepts of hairdo. 
The second thought goes to soft and wavy mermaid hairstyles also called by me "I wish I could"!!

And talking about mermaids how can I not mention the most famous of them all, the Little Mermaid, and her glorious red hair even wet.

Shall we talk about the wind and its colours through Pocahontas's hair never tangled up? Or Jasmine working her charm and her ponytail which is the size of a tree trunk? 
What about Rapunzel. No words needed, right? *cough cough extensions cough*

Also I have to admit that I'm not a fan of UpDos that stay mysteriously in place... I'm talking to you Belle and Cinderella! Tying your hair with a ribbon is literally impossible. More impossible than singing with animals!

But in the end it's just hair: it may say a lot about what we like or how we feel on that day, but it's not who we are. Be messy and effortless one day, elegant and elaborate the next, if you fancy! ;) It takes just a second to change your hairstyle (and possibly a few bobby-pins)

... Pretty much what Elsa does during her transformation song!! 


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